Beautiful Extras,the picture doesn’t do it justice

These earrings really sparkle !The post is great and longer and feels very secure.I don’t believe anyone would know they are CZ with getting told.I have just had them for under a week so I am not sure how the plating will endure, but so far so good.I have lost more than one diamond stud therefore i thought why not try the CZ and if I lose one it is no big expense.

Absolutely beautiful and it hangs nicely it’s.It gets the perfect weight.Received an additional chain also, a shorter length that was a lovely surprise!The metal work is clean and none of it looks cheap, although it should.This is a gift however, and what I’m unhappy about is the presentation of the merchandise.Everything about the packaging is atrocious.Others have posted photos here already, so I won’t bother.I cannot give this as a gift the real way they present this.

It isn’t the same type and a way lot cheaper compared to the one I had. But it proved that this is very beautiful and elegant also.I want to buy a necklace to complement it later.Sweeter even, the sell gave an email the package which you can get a free present in the event that you review it 🙂 We provide it 5 stars because I love it.Remember that there is a small flap that you can loose before you put on.I didn’t observe that and had to squeeze my hand in.OMG, it was painful.

I did so my research in this14K Gold 7-8mm Light Freshwater Cultured Pearl, and found it to be highest in quality and worth with excellent reviews.I bought this for Xmas present and I am sure my wife will love these since she under no circumstances owned any quality Pearls as these.It will be awesome when she wears them!I am sold about Pearl Source as #1 in my own book.

Blown away by the quality.At under ten dollars (with my Valentine’s Day 30 % off code), I wasn’t expecting much–maybe something such as what I’d get at a mall or supermarket.Let me tell you, these look expensive!The very first thing I did was search for the .925 stamp, and there it had been yes.I cannot believe just what a good offer this is!For PLATINUM-plated studs.And the CZ’s are of great quality too; they catch a complete lot of light and throw back fire and sparkle.

I anticipate buying two more soon for myself, an initial for every member of my children.Subtle precious metal color which isn’t too shiny or flashy.The finish is holding up even while banging against my desk all day.Classic monogram font.It complements both continuing business informal and informal types of dress.Adjustable ring helps it be easy to placed on.The wire appears very durable and not easily broken even if I adjusted it several times.

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