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The medial side pockets are narrower on the top so not great for holding bottles but they work great for pepper spray and other small things. I acquired the coffee shaded one and it’s really great, a deep darkish but not so dark it looks dark at all.?

The medial side pockets are huge enough for my extra reading glasses and sun glasses. And plenty of other pockets to keep what I need with me. I love the 2 2 zippered compartments helps keep things I want right now in a single and merely to have in case in the other no fear of losing anything.

This bad is absolutely gorgeous. I ordered the brown/pink combo, and I couldn’t become more happy with the pink color. Though it is advertised as a coral pink, it is closer to a millennial pink definitely, that i was thrilled about. The bag itself is super sturdy, in fact it is large enough to carry multiple books/binders.

It was a little heavier than I though tit will be, but it seems to be high quality and really should last me a long time. I keep what I like for a long time when I find the appropriate purse and this one I believe will be one that I maintain for a long time. It’s also light. Even with all of my ‘necessities’ in it…not overweight. Great purse, great price, excellent delivery time.

I take advantage of the zippers in the front to carry snacks and keys. The relative side pockets hold my small work mobile phone and my business cards. Each huge inside compartment provides its own zipper, which is convenient. My personal cell phone is too big for just about any of the premade pouches, so I have it on the outside back pocket that zips (not really shown in the primary picture). I like the ability to choose to carry it using the crossbody strap or the handles.

One is that the within zipper pocket got caught on the internal liner, which made the zipper come off monitor and I cannot correct it and the zipper won’t zip! I was bummed, but it did not take my love away for this purse! The next negative is that while it is a big bag, it is not very wide, therefore i have to watch what I carry since the bag won’t zip! I carry a complete large amount of stuff being a mom, so it doubles as a carry all.?

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This is the perfect bag just.The details are extremely nice.It is not small rather than big either.I had a video review here before but We had to erase it because the video didn’t present the bag’s quality so I am starting yet again.I have this bag for a long period now so I know that it is sturdy.

Its very stylish and I like how it looks. For the price its a nice little bag which will add a sleek turn to any outfit. I have revamped my style for a far more minimalist expensive appearance which bag fits right in for that purpose. I have Coach, Chanel and various other bags, which though inexpensive ties in with my wardrobe. When I first got the bag it was larger than I thought it will be but now I really enjoy its size and it pairs perfectly with any outfit.

When I first got this bag, I wasn’t in like and vaguely considered returning it. Then I thought: over three thousand people submitted on Amazon to say they loved this bag, and I don’t possess a gray bag, and it cost so comparatively small that it was not worth the difficulty to consider another and return that one. Yesterday, I wore it for the first time and believed immediately that I must post a stellar review on Amazon!

It is rather spacious and appealing to the eye. It had been got by me in black to move with everything. I think I’ll purchase it in blue as well. I put all of my stuff in it and i have lots of room for more things still. I’ve got my wallet, a mini laptop, my phone, a small lotion bottle, my constitute bag, a bag where I carry all my phone accessories, a handbag where I carry all my gym gear, and my kindle. You can carry so very much in it and it’s really not a huge purse.

This is a nice bag with lots of utilization really. We chose the black one as it goes with all of the dresses. The purchase price is under budget also. The bag can be used as a shoulder handbag. The strap can also be removed and adjusted. There is an extra strap included within the handbag.The bag has two big interior compartments and it could hold plenty of things . Because it has two big interior compartments things could be separately organized inside this. It has 3 small zipper pockets in-entrance and 1 at the relative back.

When I showed my boyfriend this bag he jokingly asked me if I also bought a motorbike to go with it- well I don’t think it’s *that* edgy, but some metal is had by it studs that provide it some flare. I work in an office and I’m in my early 30s, which purse fits my personality very well. Since the material is gentle and thin somewhat, I will be interested to observe if it stands up if you ask me throwing it under my desk or on my bedroom flooring like I frequently do.?

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