Great Wristlet at its best pricing now

In my opinion it is just the right size.It also arrives in a pretty gift container not the common ugly black box.I always experience quite happy and special when i put on this shiny colorful crystal bracelet on my wrist.I can’t believe the price!It’s an excellent piece, and the opalescent treatment of the stones provides all colors, if you possess other parts that lean toward one particular color, this bracelet will tie together nicely.It all shipped fast and is a genuine bargain – get one!

They are extremely light and fit so comfortably that I have also slept in them without them bothering me.The posts are thin which means you need to be careful not to bend them.I am wearing them frequently and haven’t had any issues with them.Although I’ve sensitive epidermis, I haven’t had any issue with the platinum plated silver posts.They are .925 Sterling Silver, meaning they are 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper which is a good combo for strength while keeping the silver sparkly.

Highly recommend if you are allergic to fake earrings and gold earrings. Ever since I was a child, my ears have already been extremly sensitive to most earring types and I experienced to vacation resort to only putting on silver hooped earrings.I was unable to wear studs because they would pinch the relative back of my ear leading to swelling and redness.

It’s sparkly, shiny, and can be combined with top quality jewelry easily without position out as a more affordable item.It’s funky and fun.Wish it wears well and doesn’t eliminate it’s luster quickly like some costume jewelry.But for now, I’m enjoying it and receiving plenty of compliments.Def recommend for a great, flirty piece of jewelry priced.

These bracelets certainly are a beautiful and sensitive accent to any outfit.Because I was searching for a plainer look I did so opt to take away the birthstone charm, although it was a good touch.It should be noted the finish will fade as time passes with frequent wear.When I buy my next bracelet (and I plan to!) I will be mindful never to apply perfume directly to inner wrists or at least allow period for fragrance to dried out completely as I really believe this also impacts the longevity of the final as well.

In the photographs, they appeared a lot more bright periwinkle blue.What I received was similar in size and shape, but the colours weren’t as bright and a little more grey.We considered sending them back.I’m glad I didn’t, my wife loves them.She commented today that each goes very well with most of her work clothes (business casual, blues, greys, blacks).We was also a little worried about the size of the earrings as she mostly wears smaller non-dangly studs.

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