Mild Womens Automatic Watches offers

This is a great watch.It no only shows the right time, it shows time and day. Ideal for me because I often your investment date during the day.I know many people rely on their phones for that info but I don’t carry a mobile phone with me most the time.It’s likely to have a 10 calendar year battery life.

My nitwit (my nickname for this) is accurate and appealing.I also accidentally wore or for nearly a whole shower and it was fine.I really like the app also. It is simple to use and it tracks you sleep in deep and light sleep cycles. My hubby and both got one plus they are loved by us.

Not hard to set and has several color choice and also club mode simply because my kid phone calls it that flashes between all colors.My just complaint is the compass isn’t functional.Not that he cares, and for the price point it’s not a really big issue.I would recommend this view to anyone.Seems to be sturdy.If I have any issues I will update.

The electroluminescent display backlight is adequate — certainly better than the Casios from the early 90s, but not quite as uniform as Timex’s Indiglo feature.Also automatic backlighting would have been nice, but is not to be expected at a $13 price.Add to that the fact that it is accurate enough you merely really have to reset it when daylight financial savings comes in and out, and you can put this on your wrist and forget it just.

The watch feels good on my wrist, generally im a skinny person so I would hate to find watches that domt irritate or fit my wrist.But I really was suprised by the ease and comfort as you’d expect from the natural leather straps.It took me about 3 years to be thinking about a watches again.And because I just make use of my smartphone to check on time I no longer have to grab that anymore.I now check my period with style!A very good buy indeed!

The time is in a font that’s huge enough for anyone with moderate eyesight to comprehend, and the watch tells us the date, time and day of the week!The watch has various other functions like Alarm Stopwatch and Timer, but I haven’t tested some of those modes out, therefore i won’t mention them here (still, it’s great to know they’re available!).

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