Wonderful Jewellery worthy of the purchase now

Multi color purchased.Appear to be the picture just.Came perfectly packaged…each earring was in a separate package & also put in a well made gift box…no rubbing together.Well-crafted & very unique…I really like these…like having a back garden hanging on my ear…LOL!

I was determined to get her a thing that she could really use this time.So, I Googled 30th Anniversary gifts and after learning that pearls were the traditional gift given, I used my calipers to measure her fake pearls while she was in the shower, hopped to Amazon and found these in my price range, checked the evaluations about Fakespot and Bob’s Your Uncle, she LOVES them!You gotta’ like the Internet!

They where weighted nicely, they hang very lovely, they have a beautiful pearl luster.They shine with ivory, gold, pinks, and blue hues.They were not glaring white, which had been a problem of mine also.They employ a nice 14k yellow gold clasp.In your hand and on your own neck they feel decadent.These were extremely high quality.They were each round with really small irregularities that are not noticeable at all during wear.They’re the perfect sort of irregularities that display they are genuine pearls.These were each well sized and each pearl was knotted individually.

The pricing on them is great too.If they’re lost by me, there’s nothing to worry about !Plus I shower with my earrings on, so these things have some abuse to stand up to!I bought two pairs, a single for the present time, and one as a backup.I also loved how easy the back fastened the earring to my earlobe.Some other studs I’ve owned in the past hurt my ears, but they are a dream.

I will say that though it says 1 ct size these are not 1 ct a bit.I have a (not quite) 1 ct size diamond ring which is smaller.My guess will be that the 1 ct size is .50 ct an earring.Which I feel may be the perfect size.Others have said that the two 2 ct size is too large and simply by looking in the photos I’d have to agree.Get these earrings they are thus pretty and so cheap you won’t believe how good they look!

I did my research about this14K Gold 7-8mm White Freshwater Cultured Pearl, and found it to be highest in quality and value with excellent reviews.I bought this for Xmas gift and I am certain my wife will love these since she never owned any kind of quality Pearls simply because these.It will be amazing when she wears them!I am sold on Pearl Source as #1 in my book.

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