Worth Mens Digital Watches worth a try

We like that it generally does not require a separate charging cord – simply plug the display device into a USB interface.Other reviewers mentioned that their tracker utilized a lot of phone battery power but I have not really noticed any drain on my phone battery.Overall it performs and also the more costly fitness tracker.

Professional: Unique retail box with Brand, address, bluetooth id, FCC id.Great package: Watch carefully covered by static-free bag, electric battery and sealed inside static-free bag.Comfortable: Watch band created by anti-sweat soft material, very comfortable.Satisfied battery life: 4 days with bluetooth on.

I think it looks nice although if it’s sitting down on the counter and the room is quiet the ticking appears loud to me.My hubby doesn’t hear it when he is wearing it though and that is all that matters.Yet this watch looks really good, The look is loved by me, and it’s so simple- pure function.I can swim in the sea, see what’s enough time in the dark, and I need not worry about scratches.Fits smugly, shows your day and ticks tick by tick time away- what else would you will need?

Bought for use on FreedomPop (AT&T based) but unfortunately uncovered after buying that AT&T turn off their 2G network (the network this view uses) a while ago.That said, do not purchase this watch in case you are intending to use on AT&T or any network based on AT&T’s network.I wouldn’t buy this once again, simply because I’m sure the other carriers are shortly to follow.The only other carrier that includes a prayer of focusing on is T-Portable (which is shutting down 2G support in 2020).All the other functions do work, however.You can even play music over Bluetooth speakers, directly from the watch (on the Sdcard)!

This enhances your overall mysteriousness and masculinity greatly.The Aposon digital watch combines elegance with a realistic price point.It is a watch that I’d have coveted 20 years ago and today enjoy wearing every day.Took it surfing and in the shower – no problems so far.

Basic and functional wristwatch.A stop was needed by me watch for some fitness tests, and this was specifically what We needed and for an excellent price.The stopwatch measures hundredths of another, but the numbers are small really. The quantities for the mere seconds and minutes are bigger. It includes a light which is great for night running even.The view is light rather than bulky on my wrist, and fits nicely.I’ve extremely skinny wrists, and thankfully the first hole (smallest size) fits.It was easy to set the time and date, has alarm and DT functions (which I never use).

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